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Anthology, 2023- Grade 6

The Covid Revolution

Navya Goenka 6F

2020 was the worst year of my life,

Didn’t think I would ever survive.

We had to sanitize our hands 24/7,

There was even a curfew till eleven.

Then it went on till 2022,

Wasn’t sure we would make it through.

But now we’re finally rid of Covid-19,

I was hoping it wouldn’t reach my teens.

If it does come back, we’ll have to wear masks,

I’m sure I wouldn't be able to handle that task.

All the shops and schools would close,

And people would have to take a vaccine dose.

Folks will travel, the virus will furthermore spread,

2 days have passed, 10,000 dead.

The worst part is online school,

Sitting in front of the screen like a fool.

All day long, stuck in our homes,

Years went by, the world was taken over by clones.

But this is all just a thought,

You never know what’s going to happen,

The future can’t be bought.

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