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Anthology, 2023- Grade 4

A Trip to the Beach

Vasantika Gera 4A

I went for vacation,

And lived near the train station.

I went for swimming in the sea,

While my parents had hot tea.

My parents bought an ice cream,

And I had a wonderful dream.

Next day, I went to play tennis on a clay court,

Thereafter I went for a ride on a boat.

In the middle of the sea,

A shark showed up in reality.

I felt soooooo scared!!!!!!!!!!

After I felt better,

I thought of writing a letter.

Once we reached home,

We thought of another vacation to ROME!!!!!


Advay Puglia 4A

It is sooo much fun,

To fight over what to play,

Again and Again and Everyday!

Football, cricket or basketball,

There are so many choices,

Come one come all!

Running hard, cheering loud,

Playing diligently,

To make each other proud.

Thrill and excitement everyday.

Getting so tired,

You start to sway.

Dear friends, PLAY AWAY!!

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