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Anthology, 2022 - Grade 8


Nevaan Khajanchi 8A

There is no shortcut to success,

Through consistency the goal we possess.

Life is not easy to conquer for all,

It is difficult for people like ‘The Wall'’.

Our goal is just a step away,

So all our problems can be kept at bay.

Success is achieved through hard work,

By doing art, farm or yard work.

Just push ourselves to do the best,

Life is just a confusing test.

Testing us every day,

Consistency is the only way.


Don’t You?

Dania Khan 8C

Don’t you see, the trees ignore your silent calls,

The stars scream at the sight of your malicious intent?

Don’t you see the blood-red moon above?

The grass dance with your destruction?

Don’t you see the leaves rustle,

At the arrival of the cold wind?

Don’t you see the shadows of those who passed by?

Don’t you see the floating axe of the grim reaper,

Gleaming at the sight of new blood?

Don’t you feel, the iron chains grasping your hand,

Rejoicing at the sight of fallen drops of your blood?

Don’t you feel the weight of your murderous soul,

Inching away from you after every toll of the clock?

Don’t you feel, the ghosts of your victims,

Looming over your shoulders every second of your life?

Don’t you hear the songs of the fairies,

Twirling at the news of your death?

Don’t you hear the cry of the warriors,

Revelling at the message of your ruin?

Don’t you hear the cackling witches,

Dressed in ebony cloaks dancing at the toll of midnight?

Don’t you know the wrath of God,

Burning inside of you every second as we near midnight?

Don’t you know of the silent steps of the innocent,

Coming towards your lifeless body?

Don’t you know of the red stains on your hand,

The same ones that are set inside your skin?

Don’t you see the midnight sky,

Ready to take upon herself,

One more corrupt soul in its burning fires?

Don’t you?


The Fruit of Hard Work

Anaya Kaba 8D

A woman sauntered here and there,

Scouring for hope in her barren land.

She ploughed and yielded through the day,

To be faced with fresh disappointment.

Yet she strode on each day

While her villagers thought her mad.

“To believe in such a waste of land”, they said

“Would be rather sad.”

But then one day

They were met with great surprise.

For lo and behold

There stood a flower prettier than the skies.


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