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Anthology, 2022- Grade 5

The Lockdown

Viraj Gupta 5D

Cough sneeze here cough there,

We have started a new scare,

Setting a new record, this human kind,

There wasn’t an escape this time,

This world is far more intertwined.

One.. two.. Hundreds of million down,

It will earn itself a crown,

‘King of sickness’ Corona spreads like no other,

A prize we earned?

We slowly choked nature- our mother.

We cut her trees and built our homes,

Hunted, plundered young and old,

What we ate and what we sold,

We poisoned her ocean, her sea, her lake,

Do we realise, is it too late?

We thought we were the most powerful,

With our machines, our vehicles, our guns,

All is left outside, she locked us in: each one,

It’s time we realise- She’s suffered long enough,

All bad things will start with a cough.


Aaron Fernandes, 5E

They are big and strong,

Have a purpose to fly.

They'll go up and above,

And into the sky.

They travel faster

Than a bike or a car.

They travel to countries,

That are very far.

From nation to nation,

They come and go.

From airport to airport,

They go to and fro.

But do you know,

Who invented the plane?

Well it was built in America,

And not in Spain.

Inventors of the plane,

The Wright brothers would be,

They built the first plane,

Long ago in 1903.

Now we can travel-

To South Africa or Malaysia.

We can also go to Mexico,

Canada or Indonesia.

They are now being used,

For travel and war.

Those machines are awesome,

And flying is what they are for.

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