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Anthology, 2022 - Grade 7

Power is Not All

Gargee Vaidya 7A

Power is a quality that never lasts long,

Assuming that you can be the most powerful would be wrong.

Remember that pride always comes before fall,

Constantly chasing power can cost you your all.

Don’t try to be powerful, be generous and kind,

And that is how to find power and rule people’s heart and mind.

Fighting for power can be considered a sin,

But if you choose to stand for love, you will surely win!


The Critique

Pia Punwani 7D

A critique of human power,

The frail, plain , white tissue,

The feeble, weak fake flowers,

Power may cause an issue.

Paper thinned by age or by touching,

Flowers washed away, left nothing,

The tissue falls with a sigh or a shift,

Oh how strong, I feel its drift.


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