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Anthology, 2022 - Grade 6


Soumya Desai 6A

Mother Earth was invaded in 2020 By an invisible army, attacking plenty.

Coronavirus went to slaughter

Old and young, son and daughter.

Originated in Wuhan from China

Scary and dreadful like a hyena.

Quickly it spread to every village and town

And soon the world went in lockdown,

Work and economy began to drown.

Then to our rescue, came the saviours

Doctors and nurses, true corona warriors.

Leaving behind kids, husbands and wives

Not bothered about their own lives.

Choked and drenched in PPE kits

Hunger and thirst, went for a twist.

They fought so we could survive

Caring for all, rich poor alike.

Each and every moment we thank them all

Messengers of God who saved humanity’s fall!


Summer Fun

Avishka Bhor 6B

As the days grow longer,

The rays of the sun become stronger,

It's our favourite time of the year!

Summer is great,

Something that I await,

It’s when the flowers are in full bloom,

Leaving no room for any gloom.

What will I do this summer under the sun,

Sunshine, beaches, mangoes and ice cream are screaming “Fun!”

Pool parties and swim-a-thons,

Not to forget playing soccer on the lawns!

At the beach, we shall go, build sand castles,

Forgetting all our hassles.

When it is done,

And we’ve had all our fun

It’s time to say goodbye to the scorching Sun.


Sally’s Fantastic Night

Atharv Kumar 6C

One day, a young little witch named Sally flew on her broom

Having fun with the blowing wind and the beautiful moon.

Thinking “My! wouldn’t it be fun to share my ride!”

Then suddenly she got an idea and happily cried

“ I shall invite some of my friends over

Let's start by calling the satyr Grover!”

Grover, a satyr, half man and half goat

Said that he would love to be afloat.

So they took to the air in the starry night

And screamed “Woohoo!” And had fun during their flight.

Next was Uni the unicorn

Who didn’t have one but two horns!

Unfortunately there was no room on the broom

But lucky for them she had wings that could take her up to the moon.

And last but most certainly not the least was Ben

Who was a griffin that lived in a den.

He wanted to join in on the fun flight

And he was half eagle so he flew with them into the starry night.

Suddenly they looked down and saw a human with his child

And thought “ Let's scare them but it should be mild”

So they all went down and hovered right above the ground

The man was so surprised that his eyes became wide and round

There was a stone covered with moss which looked like a bump

The man, still in shock, staggered back and fell on his rump

Meanwhile the child was squealing happily at the sight

Of a witch, a satyr , a unicorn and a griffin in flight

They were surprised to see the child so happy and not dull or dim

And quickly made friends with him

Soon they all had to go home as it was late at night. They all parted by saying “that was wild!”

And while going home Sally thought “ We shall have fun again tomorrow and go meet that child.”



Avika Viswanathan 6E

The holidays are here, school days are done.

Swimming, cycling, lots of fun.

Lazing around under the Sun.

Holidays, here I come!

The summer Sun, the deep blue sea.

Climbing up a tall tree.

Safaris in parks where there’s lots to see.

Maybe even going on a shopping spree?

Finally, there’s homework for the day.

Something which I have to do, oh I say.

“Do I really have to do it? I’m on holiday!”

I really wish I could have it my way.

But all said and done.

Holidays are fun in every way!


Luckiest Person in the World

Febin Nadar 6F Mother the most important gift God gave me, You carried me in your womb for nine months without knowing is it a he or a she.

A perfect mother rarer than the most perfect ruby My mother is straight from my fantasy.

Her love embraces me, Even though sometimes I am guilty.

Shakespeare can’t express words Mozart can’t play They’re confidence now fell which soared, When this topic comes in the tray You always love me every single day. You make me from the mold That is why I claim to be the luckiest person in the world.



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