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Anthology, 2022 - Grade 5

The Bully and the Informals

Ahana Maijikar 5C

The bully was a bad kid,

Who bullied the small Sardines,

His personality was awful

Like an old fossil

One day the bully was on his normal

Bullying the informals,

Beating them up

Like a mean paranormal

Then the Formals came

The tunas and the whales

The superiors of them all,

The informals joined them

and they had a blast in all

The bully was terrified of all

Even the informals now,

Cause they gave a lesson to the bully

not to mess with the formals now.


Online School

Navya Goenka 5D

Once there was online school,

And it didn’t start out great,

We didn’t know how to work laptops,

And we missed our classmates.

Then we got the hang of it,

And started opening new tabs,

Pretending our internet had gone,

It didn’t seem so bad.

At last, we added extensions,

Froze our video and ate,

While the teacher explained topics,

Online school finally felt great.

The day online school started, it was bad,

But the day it ended all of us felt sad.

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