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Anthology, 2022 - Grade 12

Thoughts of Somebody

Aaditya Asnani 12C

Can I be free, yet trapped in my mind, Known by all, but scared of my kind? Can I still love, yet drown in my hate, Be promised an angel, but be a devil by fate? Can I ask to be pure, with a black-heart inside, Preach about heaven, but carry a demon by my side? Can I be of valour, but have the mind of a snake, Claim to know the answer, but be the first one to break? When I see something, I forget how to feel, From the sea of hope, only misery I reel. In my own pleasure, I sometimes long for the pain, The fruits I bear are futile, like tears in the rain. I want to welcome you, to my little house of cards, An abyss of false memories, filled with broken shards. Try not to escape, as this house never lies, Be not afraid of my own haunting cries. Do not flatter yourself, and claim not to be me, There is no saviour, who will ever set you free. Why do you wear the cross-bone, yet claim to be so pretty, For you are just somebody, living in a nobody's city.


But in that Moment

Kopal Bhandari 12C

as if the world was sinking and I was the hole

it felt like a world without the globe,

i know it wasn't just feeling alone

But in that moment nothing felt like home.

the racing breaths, the unsteady hands

tell me was I playing the main role in a bad dream of my own?

i know it wasn't just feeling alone

But in that moment I found myself alone.

unexpected like the rain on a sunny morn'

it hit me like the growing storm out on the lawn

i know it wasn't just feeling alone

But in that moment I lost all sense to the core.

why I sat so distraught over the fear of heaven knows what?

the confusion added to the racing tears

i know my eyes were blurred

But in that moment I saw the hole

the hole that I sank into

as I sat my body on a quilt

i know I needed help

But in that moment I lost all control.



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