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Off to You, and to Heaven

Off to You, and to Heaven

Naysa Shah 11A

Your beauty would shame almost all stars in a night sky,

Salt shines on the black table,

You are not here, but where am I?

You were at my side, and now, I do not know,

I may as well go to a grave, and dig it low,

Bury all the love and bear the pain,

Until we shall meet again,

Let it rain,

Let the sky cry out loud, and it breaks, cloud by cloud,

It screams, the lightning glares, the thunder roars,

This agony hath no cures.

A black dress, a pained head,

sunken eyes and a heart of lead,

Up the cliffside I do lightly tread,

Where am I led, where am I led?

My constellation, where did you go,

and more importantly, did you know?

I bought a wreath, just for this broken heart,

Set aside a stronger part,

and took a breath, deep as the wind,

The leaves are still, and the trees whisper,

The birds murmur,

The forest tells,

As I walk past and hear the darkest knell.

I finally reach a beautiful glade,

Barefoot, I softly step,

Place the wreath upon my head,

Walk further than the mark,

I’m out of the dark and into the light,

I am the lightest of all,

The brightest rays, to ever fall,

I see a chasm, and I know

I am in a trance, I gaze on,

Beginning to sprint, I run beyond,

My soul runs its final race,

Toward the lightest ever, never called one place,

For the last time, I imagine your face;

My heart in a crumpled heap,

and then I take a gorgeous leap.

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