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Anthology, 2022 - Grade 11


Cherise Gomes 11A

The fabric was cast aside and torn;

In its place, your uninvited hands roam.

Though you whisper words of comfort in my ear;

I fail to hear them over the sound of my fear.

Those long, nimble fingers I once adored so much;

Now stain my temple with their cold and calloused touch.

You took away what was mine to give;

And along with it my will to live.

Overcome by the pain, my world fades to dark;

You leave me crumpled, like a ruined piece of art.



Joshua Sean Pretto 11 A

He said he will be back sooner than I can say “doodle”


Another week has past but Dad has not returned

He told me to think of him if I ever feel afraid

So, I think.

I miss him

But Mom is here

She seems stressed safeguarding small sister

And me. I want to ask her about Dad

But I know she will not respond.

I feel like I add on to her burden

It is time for dinner but

I have a knot in my stomach.

It is bedtime but

These thoughts of Dad keep me awake.

The last time I saw him was before we got onto the bus

He was in tears and so was Mom

So are the people around me

I do not understand why

But I know something is wrong.

I hear loud noises that scare me

The buildings are grey and so is the air

I have forgotten what silence sounds like

I have forgotten what fresh air smells like.

I had seen men in uniforms

Attacking other men in uniforms

We had rushed out of there

I think they wanted something

I would let them play with my toys but I left them at home.

I know Dad is not at home though

He has not answered any of Mom’s phone calls

Why would he leave us to go with those uniformed men?

Does he not love us?

Does he not love me?

I thought he was happy with me

I thought he cares about me

How did he know that I would be afraid?

Maybe I should try again.



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