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by sneha narayan, 11a

there is a period in time

where I am only focused on two words

reflected // kaleidoscopic

the truth, and the beauty

and they are mutually exclusive

the truth is never ugly

but the ugly is always true

loveliest darling in the crowd

the hidden face, shadowed eyes

darkest eyes no one could look into

so sure they would drown, drown, drown,

a mute loudspeaker

scratchy throat and too-loud words

a simulation only needs two things,

shrouded truth and the unveiled fantasy

the people close in

pushed into the maggot pit

all you need is a cube canvas

all the possible possibilities

there is a universe

where a droopy eye is lovely

where a snore on a shoulder is truth

veiled armour

the planet is a simulation

365 days, a glitch in time

three, four, five seasons

or less, you are numb the whole year round

changing dates and changing faces

flipping switches, switching it up

darling cut a hand on a tin can

bled a little bit

am I alive?

unwrap the linens,

scarred skin cries out

did you forget how to act?

forget how to feel?

forget the way your skin felt on skin?

lonesome love,

I love you

we are a simulation

and my love simplifies you.


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