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kiln (clay; manipulated)

by sneha narayan, 11a

you smell like earth,

clay in my hands.

all mess and chaos, reborn.

I could hate you or remake you. i could do both

you could be the prettiest cup in my lovely cabinet.

let me touch you. you couldn't stop me anyway, force of nature.

just a little liquid and you dissolve anyway.

reach, reach, a hand out for the clay,

where's my blueprint?

my muse, my model,

darling, where did you go?

sculpted, you are my greatest invention.

wolf, wolf,

i am frankenstein and they call me the monster.

i coded you to love me.

rewiring your cells,

reviving you,

not like this. i made you in my image

but not



dissolve, dissolve, reinvent,

you are only the boy who cried "wolf!"

monster, monster,

but i am your master, i am frankenstein,

oh, you call me the monster.

lonely human, blob of clay,

you'd be the brightest ware in this gloomy world.

If only you gave in.

not like this, no.

not like this, burst into pieces. (i explode in the kiln.)


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