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The movie Zootopia has repeatedly been mentioned as a Disney movie unlike any other; a movie that sets itself apart from the rest. Being an excellent animated movie, Zootopia is quite captivating and entertaining, but it brings so much more to the table.

Setting aside the brilliant and unique animation, sound, dialogue delivery and inclusion of modern pop-culture, the movie also manages to address far more important and relevant topics of our generation.

The story revolves around a seemingly harmless and adorable bunny-rabbit, Judy Hopps and how she does everything in her power to be respected at the very brutal and rough police department of the mammal-inhabited town of Zootopia. This primary plot-line highlights most of the main themes of the movie – appearances can be deceiving; don’t judge a book by it’s cover; or first impressions should never be the last. Another reason why it was such a great movie is that it was able to throw light on heavy topics such as racism and sexism in the world and the effects it has on people. It is commendable that such subjects were incorporated in a children’s movie.

An important factor that makes this movie so different from the others is the antagonist of the plot. The villain of this tale is not a witch who castes curses, or a monster, or even an evil step-mother – it is a politician. This makes the story so much more real and relatable to the audience, specially the older crowd.

The movie very skilfully explains the need to break stereotypes that society forms for different types of people, yet again proving not only to be an excellent animated movie but also something more educational and enlightening than most adult movies.

“It made me want to look at all the issues that are going on in our world right now. The chance to explore that artistically was very interesting to me. It’s really a personal movie,” says the writer of the script of the film, Michael Giacchino.

The movie thus sheds light on a lot of dark elements and evils of the world and how they must be dealt with; it teaches adults and children never to change themselves to fit into society’s stereotypes; and does so much more, all through humorous, child-friendly plots and characters.

As a part of the next generation, and the change of the world, the movie seemed very important – a milestone, really. To see such important matters being expressed, viewed and thought over by millions of people in this world is a great feat. I personally loved this movie and would recommend it to all and sundry. Whoever said ‘animation is just for children’ truly wasn’t thinking straight.

-Shaivi Shrivastav 12A

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