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Zenith - The Pinnacle

Zenith, is the name of the inter-school cultural and sports fest hosted by the ISC wing of Lilavatibai Podar School, and this year

Scottish was fortunate enough to be a part of it. Our school, not only participated but bore fruitful results in both the cultural and sports events. Scottish secured one of the first three ranks in a wide majority of events in the cultural part, including first in “Retro to Metro” a musical event, second in Zenith’s economic twist on a life-sized game of Monopoly and third in “21st Century, My Dear Watson” which was an event that required a play of about 20 minutes to be put it up. This play would have to be a 21st Century version of a classic Sherlock Holmes story, but the participants needed to add a character of their own, and a plot twist. All the participants put in a lot of effort into making Bombay Scottish proud, both before and during the fest. Needless to say with the array of prizes we won, we were not disappointed.

–Tisha Virani 11A

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