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Zenith: Football Girls

The teams that belonged to ZE-04 shuffled their way past the many other teams that awaited the Zenith sports meet to be declared open. After a short introduction and many discussions later, the girls and boys football teams steered towards their respective turfs. The girls had an easy way till the finals The details are as follows Match 1: Ze-07B girls weren’t much of a competition for our Ze-04 Scottish girls and we won 7-0 with Rajnandini Rathi scoring 6 of the seven goals! Rajnandini was awarded the golden boot for this extraordinary feat. Match 2: Ze-04(Scottish) then played the Ze-05 girls.. And guess what they won that too 2-1 The final: Ze-04(Scottish) played Ze-07A we gave the opponents (and strong ones at footy) a tough competition and ended 0-0. However, during the penalty kicks we lost 2-0. Despite the loss, the Scottish girls had great fun and a great experience to learn from.

–Saaranga Shetty 11B

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