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Zeitgeist’s Self Care Guide

Self care. Where do we even begin? We hear it all the time from bloggers, newspapers, tv shows etc. You name it and everyone is talking about it. Although, with the kind of fast and hectic lives we lead, we forget to take care of ourselves. Then later on it comes  back to bite us in the back in the form of hideous acne and dark circles! Fortunately, we’ve got some self care tips for for you to keep your mind and face fresh( thank us later!)

  • Have a good night’s sleep. Don’t burn the midnight oil studying for a test, it’s not good for your mind or your sleeping pattern. Instead try and finish all work by 11:30 pm and plan your day carefully. Time management is key.

  • Have a hot shower. After a stressful day unwind with a nice hot shower to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You’ll get out of the bath feeling like a completely new person.

  • Read a book. Ditch Netflix and TV for something a bit old school. Broaden your imagination and your vocabulary by picking up a book. If you want something light read Mindy Kaling’s “Why Not Me?”. It’s full of anecdotes of her childhood, journey into TV and starting her own show.

  • If chilling isn’t your thing, try getting some work done (shocking). It need not be schoolwork. Try helping your mom in the kitchen or even make your own bed. Just go for it!

  • For a spot of positivity try doing some affirmations. Affirmations are simply positive and encouraging sentences that you or somebody else says to you. It helps restore self confidence and pride as well as motivation.

  •  Spa day. For all the beauty/ skin care addicts out there, spend a Saturday or even a Friday night in your favourite mask and be ultra tumblr by creating your very own nighttime skin care routine.

Taking care of the self- both body and soul is very important to our very being. These are just some little ways in which you can take care of yourself but, if you do anything different or if any of these tips have helped you, please let us know.

Much love, The Zeitgeist Team.

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