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Why I Started My Blog

Whenever people ask me what I would like to pursue in the future, I always say “Definitely something in the fashion industry.” I have always had a passion for the glamour industry because it is something I relate to very closely. Some people may think the fashion industry is a complete waste of resources and an avenue for shallow, superficial people. In my opinion, it is just the opposite. Fashion is a medium through which people express themselves, their emotions and their personality. Fashion is more than always looking perfect and being dressed in designer wear. It helps people bring their creativity to life in all sorts of ways. Even designers spend a lot of thought, time and energy to produce just a single piece of clothing. In my opinion, fashion is just the extension of our personality. It shows the world who we really are. It helps express our originality in ways one cannot express in words. It has its own way of communicating and connecting through a non-verbal medium. Even putting on your favourite pair of jeans may give you the confidence you never thought you had. Fashion makes the world a beautiful place; it helps people to look and feel more beautiful than they otherwise might. It changes the ideals of beauty. This industry shows us that we can be our own person and that what other people might say about you doesn’t define who you truly are. It gives us the freedom of expression and the ability to reinvent ourselves, and others. The fashion world has so many different aspects to it. There are numerous avenues in which one can pursue a career. Some people decide to go into fashion design, fashion management, etc, whereas some go with fashion photography and styling. Some become fashion bloggers. One fine day, I thought to myself, maybe I can take this passion of mine and put it to some use. This thought came to me two years ago. Of course, me being myself, I didn’t do anything to bring it about. Fast forward to May of 2017, I decided to upload my first blog post. To start off with I decided to post once every fortnight. Another facet to my blog would be posts of various “interestingly dressed” women. I feel this would give a depth and dimension to my blog as well as showcasing different perspectives. After all, fashion is not just about wearing the latest trends, toting fancy designer labels but also being comfortable and being confident in one’s self. I have always had a knack for blogs and I, till date, read them quite often. Personally, I read fashion, beauty and travel blogs but that’s just my preference. There are hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers out there, so everyone is bound to find someone whose writing inspires them. As I’ve mentioned a few times already, I am very passionate about this sector. I am still a work in progress and wish to get much better through trial and error. I hope to continue blogging and maybe one day inspire someone just like someone inspired me. My blog:

-Ayra Kulkarni, 12A

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