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Who Are You? You That Changes Everything…

Identity You made the grey skies blue. You painted red the whole town. You took my beating heart And turned it upside down.

You made the grasshopper a bottle imp; Made the cat like a leopard leap You took Home my kisses, Made them so passionate and so deep.

You made the paper lanterns glow so bright; Made the sun golden and the moon silver. You took both my eyes, And made them glitter.

You gave the songs their lyrics, Their soul, their harmony. You took my pieces, And stitched them with your melody.

You gave the sky its clouds and stars; Gave strawberries to cream. You took away my sleep one night, And returned with every dream.

You gave me colour, You gave me vision, You showed me what I couldn’t see.

You lit my candle, Gave me hope, Made me all I wanted to be…

You hold me hostage within your heart. You burn like a fire inside of me.

Your love… It gives me Identity.

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