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Where to Summer?

As the prime holiday season approaches, now is the time to pull out your purses and make your bookings for the best deals the travel and tour sphere has to offer. However, our mind always goes for a spin when we encounter the question, where to summer? Just the overwhelming amount of options and combinations leave us in a completely undecisive and delirious state resulting in passing of all the visa and airline deadlines, and we end up going to the same place again. Or something a little less exaggerated.

To save you from all this turmoil, here are some new and relatively cheap places to visit this summer. From experiencing the waves to the high-altitude peaks, from the vibrant hustling cities to the serene and utterly quiet countryside, we have it all. While some of the suggested destinations are the result of hours of research and Google, a few of them also happen to be my personal favourites.

To start it off, we’re going international. Now, most of us lack the occasional views of blue waters, and by blue I don’t mean the dark blue that comes directly from hell and pollution. I’m referring to the fresh cyan blue or the soft shade of azure. The top pick here would be Croatia. Croatia is misunderstood to be extremely expensive, however, that is proved to be a myth. The country is worth visiting and island hopping via ferries is a very popular way to roam the land of stunning beaches. The exchange rates are quite reasonable right now, especially compared to the other European countries.

Now for over the sea options, I will always suggest to lace up your hiking boots and climb a damn mountain. Even though I’ve done it only once till now, that one experience was enough to get me addicted. There are several feasible choices throughout India, the best one being the peaks of the Himalayas accessed from Manali. As for the hiking part of it, there exist several reliable organisations which arrange for such treks and camps.

Next up is the urban glory. While most of us reside in cities, it is quite thrilling to live and breathe in another city and to the surprise of many, very different from our own. One of the best cities to visit during the April-March period is Tokyo, Japan. What makes this visit especially more extraordinary, are the cherry blossoms which are in their ultimate bloom and glory. Besides getting pleasant temperatures, the spirit of the metropolitan, and a bucket load of the Japanese culture, you are also flowered with the beautiful sights of the cherry blossoms.

Last on our list, is a number of places for those of you all who merely want change. Change from this sweltering May weather. Want to twist the atmosphere, snuggle up in the hotel room and read a book or watch a movie? I’ve got your back. Coorg in Karnataka, Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and Shillong in Meghalaya are all incredible getaways for the sole purpose of relaxation and revival from the everyday monotonous life.

Now that you know where to go this summer, don’t let those deadlines get away this time! Book it and strut it. And if you did get inspired from this article, let me know in the comments!

- Tanaya Ranade


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