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What If?

What if your world goes up in flames tomorrow?

What if the world comes crashing down?

What if you wake up tomorrow to a damaged world?

What if?

These two words have human beings running away from each other, running away from themselves and constantly running towards an unrealistic set of expectations.

These people seem to have it all mathematically calculated and measured, as though the consequences of their lives have been estimated with such great precision that nothing can go wrong.

Don’t be one of these people. Let it hurt, running isn’t going to solve a problem, you’re eventually going to get knocked down and it is in that moment where your life flashes in front of you and you tend to cultivate the power to fight the pressure. You may want to do a lot but being caught up in this constant race towards an undecided goal is never going to bring you happiness or contentment.

So get realistic.

The world is not filled with candy, rainbows and unicorns.

And guess what ?

That’s okay.

– Anonymous​

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