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Winter. The word itself sends shivers down our back and chills our bones with the excitement of the upcoming holidays, and of course, the jolly season. For us Indians, especially, the season brings home a feeling of hope and coolness, which is very much awaited. So, this merry season, pack your bags and get out there to experience the cold coursing through your body. And to make it much more convenient for you, here is a list of the perfect winter holiday destinations, all under the roof of our ‘incredible India.’

We will include a whole range of locations for all kinds of travellers out there! From the breath-taking scenes in the North-East, to the vivid winter festivals in the South, we’ve got it all covered for you, from top to bottom. Because after all, it is cold outside.

The first category we’ll be exploring is for all the adventure and thrill-seeking questers out there. These treks are only for the daring, with experiences such that they’ll remind you of the fables and adventure stories all of us have heard.

Chadar Frozen River Trek - Ladakh

Highest Altitude: About10,900 feet above sea level

Difficulty Level: High Moderate to Difficult since temperature is always in minus.

It is advised that trekkers wishing to explore this, should have some prior experience since it is quite hard to accomplish.

Dodital Trek

Highest Altitude: 13,615 feet above sea level

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Nag Tibba Trek - Lower Himalayas

Highest Altitude: 9,924 feet above sea level

Difficulty Level: Easy

Auli - Uttarakhand

If you’re a ski enthusiast, or maybe are just fascinated by it, Auli, located at a height of 2800 metres, is one of the hottest locations for snow and skiing. Every year from January till March, several national and international ski festivals are arranged in Auli.

Now, we jump onto our next category which includes a more ‘chilled out’ pace and involves a more relaxed and cooling down regime. This is for all those out there who are in a desperate need for a break and just to find themselves in the peace and tranquil of luxury and comfort.


Being one of the most visited places in India, throughout the year, Goa is also one of the best destinations for winter touring with it’s lush resorts, serene beaches and an amazing night life. December, especially, is filled with great gusto and zeal with Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

One of the most underrated holiday spots, these islands will be the perfect match for your need of calm and scenic. With its spreads of tropical jungle and crescent-shaped beaches, it offers you much more relaxation than you could ever ask for!


Situated in Uttarakhand, and boasting a ton of divine backdrops, this quiet hill station will steal your breath with every tree and mountain you see. Bestowed with unimaginable beauty and radiance, Lansdowne makes an ideal location for winter vacation, ever since the British rule.

For our final category, we have chosen to provide something for the actual tourists. If you’re the ones who want to truly travel and scan the whole location upside-down and inside-out, you’re looking through the right words.

Rann of Kutch

It is the largest salt desert in the world. Located in Gujrat, it is a wide sparse of vast nothingness. However, don’t mistake it for being simple. It lights up in December with the advent of the ‘Rann Utsav.’ The festival is celebrated on the grandest scale on the full moon night in December. Scores of luxury tents are set up in Dhorado along with food stalls and arcades for handicrafts and cultural performances. Dance, music, festivities and cultural celebrations of the region are performed all over the district. The full moon safari ride is one of the most surreal experience one can have in the vast salt desert of the Runn of Kutch during this time of the year.


The winters of Kashmir, paradise on Earth, are worth visiting at all costs. With its snow-capped mountains and valleys filled with gushing flowers, it truly lives up to its name. The Mughal Gardens and the Gondola ride in Gulmarg, are only a couple of the interesting activities this heavenly place stores for you.

Jim Corbett National Park

This one is dedicated to all the wildlife wonderers and hence, we end the article with one of the best wildlife sanctuaries not only in the country, but across the continent as well. It opens its door to visitors to experience the diversity of fauna and postcard perfect landscape, showcasing a wide variety of species of animals like tigers, elephants, the Barking Deer, otters and even numerous bird species.

- Tanaya Ranade


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