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The Things I’ll Miss About School

The things I’ll miss about school Are things I can and cannot describe Is the fact that it helped me constantly try It gave me a lot of firsts and even a few lasts But there wasn’t a time where I could deny having a blast From taking the same route for the past fourteen years To creating a family from those I originally called my peers School has given me several things to remember Be it the annual concerts in December Or even the several times, I lost my temper Homework. Deadlines. Submit it by 12! What do I after ISC? Only time will tell? Miss can I please go to the sick room, I’m really not well! Those were some of the things you’ve said/heard again and again And by now, our excuses are a hard 10/10 But school wouldn’t be school without all the politics during inter-house competitions Or the scary teachers that wanted all the work done with great precision It would be easy to say that school has been a lot of fun That at the end of the day, it made us all- one But it’s the tiniest things Like the kid in assembly that really couldn’t sing Or the time you hilariously slipped and fell Or the time you missed your best friend in class because she was at home, unwell It would be wrong to say that school had only ups and no downs There were definitely a lot of frowns It is easy to be inspired in a place where brilliant personalities were born Where the strongest thing is the Banyan Tree that for 170 years, held on So much has changed since we entered this institution, crying, not knowing what lay in our fate And 14 years later, we’ll be doing the same, except this time, as we leave the gate The things I’ll miss about school are the last assemblies Not knowing how or when, this just became a part of my memories.

– Zara Humranwala

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