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The Scottish Style

All the moments at the frankie-wala’s, skimping out of homework by the extremely convenient headache, getting over skirmishes with your friends, the eternal heartbreaks over not getting picked for an inter house competition, the ephemeral time on stage during concert and the memories made on sports day that are set in stone- Scottish indeed makes every student feel it all.

Scottish is not just a building, not just a temple of education nor just a home. It’s a magical place. The walls, the buzzing projector, the wooden benches and even the swinging doors all seem to work together to do one thing which not many schools, if not any school, gives you- it gives you the true feeling of life through all its trials and tribulations. It literally brings all the maxims you hear during your daily discourse to life!

There are so many opportunities to excel here and one actual truth of life that lives in the school motto is – “Perseverance and Faith in God is literally all you need to succeed.” I had never really written pieces or taken an active part in the literary arts but one day something came over me and I wrote a poem subconsciously. Before I knew it, the poem had reached my teacher. To this day, I can’t explain how. It just did. However, the nudge which this gave me pushed me to pursue my dormant passion in literature.

Once I had an interest in actively participating in a club and organizing something. The walls seemed to have ears because suddenly an opportunity very coincidentally revealed itself. I was elected as the co- head of the citizenship club the very next week after I went out on a limp and took hold of that chance and found myself busy planning and organizing the independence-day itinerary and a play for Hindi Day.

There have been numerous instances like this which we tend to ignore the cause for. However, the Scottish spirit lives. If you really want something and are willing to go the extra mile, it will give you the nudge. It manifests itself in strange way making sure every scottishite realizes and underlying passion.

The Scottish foyer also encompasses all kinds of students- from prodigies to loafers, they have it all. If you are vigilant enough, you will see the answer to the fruits of life staring right at you. This place will make you understand the true maxims by experiencing it, by making you fight for what you want. If you are true in your instincts- you maybe lucky enough to see the Scottish Spirit in action.

– Avnish Sengupta


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