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The Perseverantia Presidents’ Playbook

Perseverantia 2023, the eagerly anticipated second edition of Bombay Scottish School Mahim's inter-school fest, proved to be a resounding success. This year's Perseverantia showcased a diverse lineup of 18 events, spanning the spectrum from creative arts such as poetry and painting to competitive sports events like basketball and football. On the event day, schools from across the city converged to participate, resulting in intense debates, captivating fashion shows, spectacular ramp walks, and electrifying dance performances that brimmed with energy and excitement.

As the workings of the event draw to a close, Noheeni, Hrishikesh, and Aarav, the Presidents of the 2023 edition of the festival, reflect on their remarkable experience.

When asked to describe Perseverantia in one line, Noheeni paints a vivid picture: "It was really exciting and life-changing. It was very stressful but totally worth it."

The trio reminisces about the challenges faced while organising the fest. Noheeni notes, "In the beginning, it was kind of difficult to get the entire OC to get to work." However, the biggest challenge was more amusing - capturing a proper photo of the Organising Committee. Hrishikesh chuckles as he recalls, "We don't have one yet. We didn't have a Presidents' picture until the day of the event — I’d consider that the biggest challenge!" When asked how they overcame the challenge of the missing photo, Hrishikesh's response is straightforward and humorous: "By not taking the picture!"

The theme for this year's fest was "Literacy," an extremely imperative global issue. The key to survive in a century as fast moving as the one we live in, is to be capable enough to not only read and write well but also communicate effectively with those around us. Literacy was chosen as the theme with the hope that Perseverantia will be able to create a great impact in this direction the way it did in its previous edition.

Their eyes light up when discussing the events they were most excited about. Noheeni's love for football makes it her favourite, while Hrishikesh could not pick sides between Basketball and Monopolium. Aarav shares his enthusiasm for Monopolium, which brought to the table a rare experience for all the participants. Although many famous YouTubers have done it before, to see a life-sized monopoly event in a school fest on a 40 by 40 feet board was indeed stupendous.

As Perseverantia wraps up, the relief is palpable. Noheeni, Aarav, and Hrishikesh all agree that it's time for some well-deserved rest and catching up on missed classes.

Perseverantia was likened to ‘3 Idiots’ — as well as ‘Swades’, for the very reason that it was an event celebrating literacy, unity, and teamwork.

The festival's final day is likened to a video game boss battle, with Hrishikesh recounting the chaos of managing schedules and crowds, accompanied by the Brighton Rock remastered 2011 (“5 minutes and 10 seconds of just pure mastery with a fantastic guitar solo”), while Noheeni chooses the Avengers theme song.

The presidents' imaginations run wild as they consider inviting fictional characters to the event. Tony Stark for Inventio, Donald Duck for Mr. and Ms. Perseverantia – the possibilities are endless.

As leaders of the committee, they discovered unexpected talents among their team members and shared amusing anecdotes of heated debates over seemingly trivial matters.

The presidents also add that the event was a big success due to the constant support and guidance of the teachers. On the other side, the teachers too were elated with the success of the event and the efforts put by the entire team which finally paid off.

The interview concludes with sage advice for future presidents and organising committees, emphasising the importance of balance, fun, and dedication. The next ones sure have big shoes to fill!

P.S. At the time of publishing, the Organizing Committee still did not have a photo together. Future presidents, take note!


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