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The Golden Raindrop

By Sukrit Khanna

The Clouds were dense

The Light was dim

And as I gazed through my window – still

Unstirred by the hoary hill,

Jumped up when I saw that shine

Awoken by the shimmering light.

A golden raindrop falling from the sky

It never seemed to reach the ground,

Beside it was the Sparrow there

Which seemed to control the drop’s descent.

He promised it to the withered Plants,

But drank it up instead.

I was too far to notice it all

And so did the innocent Plants,

They just thought it took time to reach

And was just within their reach.

The Drink was overshadowed by the Service he did,

The ‘God Of The Hill’- so it’s said.

Made the Hill happy and strong,

Built many paths for the cats and dogs.

The Sparrow forgot the plants were still

And so the paths were useless to them,

Who needed the shining drop on them

Which would bring Heaven to them.

Yet they believed in their ‘God’-

The one who knew it all.

But some were shaken and disturbed

Swayed by the winds of the Eagles flying,

That wind had something special with it

And moved by the sound of it,

Some plants changed their God to the Crow.

The Crow was mocked by all,

‘A Juvenile’- said some; ‘Incapable’- said others,

However, by garnering support of the plants

It proved to the Sparrow how capable it was.

And promised the plants not one,

But many raindrops would reach the ground.

Perplexed I was, I asked my God

What was happening in this mayhem,

‘The Dance will Go On’ – He said

‘And Trouble their Brains out of Their Heads’

‘A Capable Leader rules in the Summer

Detested by all- as he caused,

No golden raindrop to reach the ground.

And so in the Monsoon, replaced by another

Loved by all – as he caused,

Two more raindrops to reach the ground.

And no one even asked

What happened to the rest.’

The Eagles migrated elsewhere

Swaying their wings got them their share

Carnivorous, by nature they are,

Would never hurt a single plant.

But exposed to them the Lion’s Lair

About which they would otherwise not care.

‘The Dance Continues like this’ – He said,

‘But don’t get yourself into this mess

Seek and catch your raindrop yourself

Share it with your family and friends,

And never expect a sponge-like-bird

To ever give it to you.’

(Inspired by the Indian General Elections 2024)


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