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Teachers Day Special

Scottish was my second home for 14 years. During these 14 years, I have encountered so many lovely teachers that I’ve been able to bond with even outside of the classroom. I’ll be honest though, I’ve always been a little biased towards English teachers (and I can safely say the same goes for them too). My teachers encouraged me to pursue things I never thought I could, and silently rooted for me when I did. I’m so grateful to every teacher who gently corrected me when I was wrong, made challenges seem fun, and helped me grow as a student and person. They really deserve more than just one day dedicated to appreciate them and all that they do for us!

- Salonee Kumar (ISC Batch of 2020)

Dear Teachers,

While you might not teach me anymore, I still think of you every time I log into a zoom class, wishing that I was back in the classroom with you. Back to the times when the only ‘technical issue’ we had to deal with was the welcome break we got when the interwrite board crashed, not my network getting cut off in the middle of a test. Everything has changed so much since I last met you a few months ago and I hope that the juniors aren’t harassing you too much in the online classes!

College has made me realise how important it is to go have a good, steady foundation to stand on and that’s exactly what I was so lucky to get from all my school teachers. Thank you for pushing me to do my best, standing beside me when I couldn’t, celebrating with me when I managed to and recognising potential in me that needed to be explored. Thank you for giving me the strong values and ample knowledge (both textual and non-textual) that I now realise the importance of. I am eternally grateful to you all.

I hope that you’re all doing well and that this initiative makes your teacher’s day at home a bit better. Stay well and stay in touch. I miss you all immensely.

Happy Teachers’ Day!


- Bianka Wadia (ISC Batch of 2020)

Dear teachers,

Right now I'm not sure what to say.

To be more precise, how to say thank you.

It's not easy doing what you do every single day. It's not easy teaching a class of 30-40 students every single day.

And this situation makes it so much worse. Keeping an eye on every single child and recognising their individual potential through a screen is definitely not easy.

Every day for you is a challenge.

But you go about doing your duty with so much positivity that no one can imagine what you're going through inside.

The anxiety, the stress and above all, the exhaustion.

But despite that, you report to work every single day with the same positivity and diligence. For us. You sit in front of that screen and teach your heart out, never letting the gloomy situation drag you down. For us.

We're all so grateful for you.

And I know that sometimes we fail to show it. We fail to thank you enough.

So today I'm going to.

Thank you teachers.

Thank you for your undying support.

Thank you for your constant encouragement.

Thank you for working so hard each day.

Thank you for striving so hard to make this situation better.

Thank you for being that little shred of hope and acceptance when we feel low.

So this one's for you.

Yours with gratitude,

A girl who looks up to you and respects you more each day.

- Alaiha Vanjara (11 A)

From leading me to my class in kindergarten ,

To wishing me well on my last school days ,

You have stood strongly by side,

And remained in my mind even after we parted ways.

Perseverance and faith in God ,

The school motto, I imbibed from you,

Your patience, your smile and energy,

You were always as fresh as flowers with dew.

Your encouragement pushed me further,

While your feedback worked me to my best,

For every step that I moved ahead,

You helped me ace my problems and tests.

My grades were not half as important ,

As were my intentions and beliefs.

You taught me to be true and hardworking,

As beauty is only skin deep.

There are not enough words to thank you,

I humbly wish I could with a 'Happy Teachers Day!'

-Sivaranjani Vishwanathan (12 A)

At a time like this when we are all being questioned and introspecting about why we want to pursue the field we have applied for, the first reason that comes to my mind is because my teacher taught me well. I was a blank slate when I started but you have engraved the subject so well that you enabled me to love it as much as I do today. Thank you to all my teachers and specifically Ms. Shroff for making Psychology what it is today for me. Thank you for entertaining each and every doubt worth one mark and never compromising on the quality of explanation and work even though the vibrant classroom setting had turned into a screen adorned with black boxes. This pandemic has forced us to miss out on umpteen events but celebrating this day in school in suits and sarees was something that I definitely miss the most!

-Tanisha Agarwal (12 A)

“Teaching is a profession that creates other professions.” With this quote I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart to help me decide the profession that is best for me and guiding me throughout the journey. To Miss Mappat, thank you so much for helping me with subjects in the beginning of 11 th grade when I was very confused with what I should be taking . To Miss Reddy, thank you so much for helping whenever I had issues with physics and for always being there. To Miss Kuruvilla, thank you for making economics fun and our class lively. To all my other teachers, you have all played a pivotal role in who I am today. So, I would like to wish you all a very happy teacher’s day!

-Shannon Baretto (12 B)

If you’re busy writing college applications, interning, or managing a whole company or nurturing your family- your place in this wide spectrum is hardly of any importance, wherever you are, I’d like you to pause for a moment and ponder and ask yourself- “Where would I be without my teachers?’

As cliche as it may sound, school is my second home and what would this home be, without the pillars that build it- our beloved teachers. In kindergarten, holding our microscopic fingers and telling us to hold each other’s bags to form a straight line so that we don’t get ‘lost’, to recommending courses and universities in high school, they have been our beacons of light all along. From Freud’s theories, Shakespearean dramas, the cosine and cosec of trigonometry, physics formulae to learning P.T. displays with pom- poms , transforming a classroom into an art gallery just a few hours before open day, letting us in and out of class innumerable times during Nritya and Dramatics (and sacrificing their breaks to teach us everything we had missed), our dear teachers have not restricted knowledge to the four hundred pages of our textbook but have been examples of how we, as humans would aspire to be. In each classroom, they have created a family, a family that gets past the biggest of hurdles (be it choreographing a dance for concert in just a week, or not giving your boards during the pandemic), none of this would have been possible without the ones who moulded us as individuals in the most beautiful manner.

Today, the idea of a classroom has been narrowed down to a mere screen, and our ears have become alien to phrases like ‘pin-drop silence’ or ‘this class is a fishmarket’, and these are undoubtedly the things that I miss the most (along with of course, being told to get a new skirt, trimming my nails and the one glare that automatically conveyed that the collar button was peeking through). As we pave the way for our respective futures, we may still be puzzled about subject choices and university decisions but one thing that every Scottishite is sure of is the knowledge and values we have acquired, both inside and outside the classroom, the skills we have attained just by observing our mentors and the people we have grown to be after fourteen long years in this esteemed institutions. For this I only have our teachers to thank and I wish that ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ were words that were enough to express my heartfelt gratitude.

With love and gratitude,

-Shambhavi (12A)

I can go on about how thankful I am for all the amazing teachers at Scottish. They have always been super supportive, patient and understanding. We were taught timeless classics of literature as well as music at a pretty young age and in such a way that we did not think of them as ‘boring’ as we often label old stuff to be.

Music plays a very important role in my life so singing class definitely held the top spot in the extra subjects. We were taught songs of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Michael Jackson alongside modern tunes and Disney ost’s. I developed a newfound love for vintage music and blues and rock became my favourite genres. I want to give a special thanks to the music teachers for introducing us to the pioneers of the music industry who paved the way for most genres today, especially pop, which is probably the biggest genre in the 21st century.

I want to end this by saying that teaching is not an easy job. I think those teaching sessions where students took charge of an assigned class on Teacher’s Day in 10th grade gave an idea how tough it actually is to be a teacher. You have to be patient, you have to control your temper and be able to organise your class in such a manner that students enjoy and stay attentive. Piece of cake? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I bow down to you, teachers. HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY.

- Sanhita Samant (Batch of 2015)

It is a well known fact that a good teacher brings out the best in their students. They not only ensure that we attain academic excellence but also instill in us a sense of respect and good values that is crucial for one to become a good human being. School was the place where I had the privilege of being mentored by some great teachers; whose lessons have shaped the way I think, act and interact with those around me. Now in college, I consider these lessons to be of a higher importance. The several valuable lessons that my school teachers taught me in my formative years have played a major role in my life, for which I am eternally grateful. Though “Teachers’ Day” is a commemorative occasion, let’s not restrict this overt appreciation of our teachers to just one day. Cards, flowers and dances are all sweet little gestures that our teachers most definitely deserve, but remember the best gift that you, as students, can give to your teachers is how well you put into practice the several lessons you have learnt along the way. Thank you dear teachers for all that you have taught me.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

-Shaan Bhatt (ISC Batch of 2019)

Dear teachers,

Besides giving us the opportunity to grow, prosper and learn, you have shown us how to be better people. During this pandemic, you have not only been the best teachers but also incredible parent figures. Thank you for all the hard work and sacrifices you've made in such difficult circumstances to ensure we feel comfortable even if we aren't in the classroom. It definitely does not go unnoticed and we appreciate everything you do.

- Chloé D'souza 12 C

Pin drop silence and comparisons to fish markets are 2 things common to every teacher's vocabulary that I will NEVER get tired of hearing. However, in the blink of an eye, these phrases were replaced with, “Cameras on, please,” and, “Fill in your attendance forms.” Despite these massive changes in our lifestyle, our teachers made every online classroom their own.

From blackboards and interwrite boards to screen-sharing, the only constant in these fast-paced months is their efficiency in teaching. With students scattered all across Mumbai, they have done their best to connect us all, as they would in physical classrooms. Tackling all technological issues head-on, they ensure that absolutely nothing comes in the way of them teaching us Shakespeare’s plays or Freud’s theories through the screen.

Despite the occasional bullying that comes with being a humanities student who’s dropped Mathematics, all my teachers have been accepting of students of every stream and have made my last 3 months in Bombay Scottish School, Mahim warm and welcoming. I never thought I’d say this but I eagerly wait for the day school reopens, just for me to finally meet the teachers who have made online school memorable and bearable!

A very Happy Teachers’ Day to all our teachers!

-Indrani Ray, 11A

I have always been grateful for having such wonderful teachers who have consistently been a pillar of support for me throughout my school life. For instance, I recall having the best class teachers as well as subject teacher's through all the 12 years at Scottish. All of them made me feel like I had found a second home and I really never liked going back once school hours were over. I guess that is why it is said that Scottish is no less than a home away from home. Even the teachers who have not taught me remember me to this day and that makes me feel extremely obliged. Leaving Scottish and my dear teachers after the completion of STD 10 was not at all easy as I felt like I was leaving an important part of me behind. I still remember how my Jr Kg teacher assured me that everything would be okay and great on the first day of school. I am really thankful to my Pre primary teachers for being the guiding light in my early school days. Each and every teacher at Scottish has played a key role in molding me and helping me become the person I am today. All the teachers who have taught me were so friendly and understanding that they were ready even at the eleventh hour to clear my doubts. All the teachers had been so supportive even when I thought that things were going out of hand or when I was on the verge of giving up. The teachers at Scottish play a very vital role as they help a child understand his or her weaknesses as well as strengths and assist them to unearth their true self. All my dear teachers have made my 12 years at Scottish the most important and memorable years of my life. I still recollect the day I was announced as Games Captain of the Red House as this merit was possible only because my teachers had faith in me. I would also like to mention that my favourite subject History wouldn't have been that important to me if it wasn't for an awesome teacher who taught me in the 7th grade and made the subject so dear to me. Wishing all the teachers a very Happy Teacher's Day and I hope that each one of them stays healthy, happy and safe.

- Amisha S. Kuril (ICSE Batch of 2018)

‘The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires,’ William Ward wrote about teachers and their capability to nurture lives and transform them.

In all our lives, no matter how nonchalant or oblivious we are of a teacher’s presence or importance, it is always there. You are an amalgamation of everything you have lived and learned and what you know via your teachers. Today in the midst of this global pandemic, teachers are still beacons of hope and support as essential workers. Striving harder than ever to fearlessly keep pushing on even in such abnormal circumstances. They choose to put their own concerns aside to create a welcoming environment even through the 2-D classroom that is now the screen.

So many teachers this past year have had to drastically get used to their lives, their work, their teaching all narrowing down to the window of a screen. If there is not much else you can do now, the least to do is to thank and encourage them, give them the same time and energy they put into teaching you. Show them you are present and that they are not performing for an empty room. Their jobs depend on us being open and being there. That’s all.

There is nothing uncool about showing your teachers you care. Your screens now hold front-benchers and back-benchers all in one plain. So, change.

Let us change our minds and open our hearts to begin to show our teachers the acknowledgement and respect they deserve.

Happy teachers’ day to every teacher, tutor and friend who has taught me life’s best and most precious lessons. I cannot imagine a world without you!

-Aarushi Zarthoshtimanesh (ISC Batch of 2018)

“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove”

Though we see you not like once before

Our love surely does not fade away.

Like the waves that crash a distant shore

We were taught to brave our fears each day.

You’ve made us into the people we are

And will be with us for years to come

Wherever we go, close or far

School is home and will stick with us like gum.

These things you already know, I deserve no tip

I'm afraid this poorly written poem will have to do

Before you let your image of me dip

Or decide that we are through

Upon reading my attempt at a sonnet,

Which lacks true beauty but has some wit.

-Pooja Balasubramanian

The constant fear of being judged

The giggling children being nudged

The fear of being wrong, combined with the pressure of being right

The need for responses faster than the speed of light

Pleasing the superiors as well as the subordinates

It gets hard- being caught up in the mix

Trying to set an example, trying to be perfect

With someone waiting on the other side to point out each defect

Having a bad day but having to put it all aside

Doing what is expected of you, even though all you might want to do is hide

Being the angel and the devil,

Playing the good cop and the bad cop

Only with the intention to help them all rise to the top

The ability to point out the bad but also see the good

And somehow, you're still always misunderstood

You are many things

You're a guide, a friend, a family, a role model, a preacher

You're not "just a teacher"

-Zara Humranwala (ISC Batch of 2018)

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