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Society as we know it

If you ever think your existence isn’t needed by humans or land,

Just look over your shoulder, you can grab onto my hand

We’ll go far, far way from what we call ”humanity”

And take a leisurely break from society’s insanity.

People are here only to judge you,

But mind you, you might find an angel on Earth too.

If you are going to abandon your for others to sell,

You’ll soon hear the roaring sound of a treacherous knell.

Life is a journey not a race.

Grievances are obstacles everyone had to face.

Everyone out there has a different story,

But not everyone ends with victory or glory.

We all have a dream to travel the world,

But we don’t always get what we want, or so, I have learnt.

Even the Sun leaves us in the dark,

But even when we’re alone, i bet we’ve still got that spark.

Life’s not always black or white,

It’s about vision, my friend, not only our sight.

Kill society’s bad thoughts with a dagger or a knife.

That is actually when we will learn, how to live a life.

                                                                    – Sanya Limaye

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