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Silver Linings of Monsoon

By Vyoma Doshi, 10A

In tempestuous roars, the heavens weep,

Drenching the earth in torrents deep.

But as storms churn and winds persist,

There lies a tale the raindrops kissed.

The world dons a cape of shadowed hue,

Yet amidst the grey, a gleam breaks through.

The monsoon's heart, so fierce, so wild,

Cradles a secret, like a mother to her child.

Beyond the deluge, past cascades that spill,

The pattering rain, gentle trill,

Emerges a promise, both ancient and fine,

The glistening edge, a silvery line.

It arcs the horizon, both radiant and sleek,

A symphony of colours, where the sun and rain speak.

The monsoon’s fury, its passionate song,

Yet in its wake, hope dances along.

For in every tempest, in torrents that grieve,

Nature's ballet, it unveils a reprieve.

To remember in chaos, amid sorrow's immersion,

There's always a silver lining, a luminous version.

Embrace the downpour, for once it's been seen,

The silver lining crowns the monsoon queen.

And in life's tempests, as clouds gather tight,

Seek the hidden glow, the beckoning light.


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