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Silver Lining of Spring

By Vranda Bansal, 11D

As the flowers begin to bloom in spring,

There is a silver lining that lifts the winter's gloom.

Nature awakens from its rest and hues spring forth with joy.

For all to witness, a symphony of life and optimism.

The frigid days are gone, and the snow begins to melt,

Revealing the life beneath, in the gardens that were felt.

The trees are painted pink and white with blossoms.

In the gentle and warm sunlight, there is a promise of new beginnings.

The air is filled with aroma as the petals softly sway,

And birds begin to sing their songs, welcoming the new day.

As the leaves unfold their grace, the world is awash in green,

A reminder of the resilience present in every living area.

Spring showers cleanse the land,

Supporting each seed as they push their way to life, completing nature's creed.

The silver lining of spring is a magnificent sight to see,

From the smallest bud to the highest tree.

So, as the season progresses and life begins to sing,

Remember, the silver lining that each spring can bring.

Our hearts take flight as we see

Renewal, hope, and beauty in everything.


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