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Rheanna Kothari

Scottish. Saying the word itself evokes the most vivid memories. It has been over a year since we last set foot in Bombay Scottish School and I couldn’t possibly miss it any more. Since the past few months, even the slightest association with School fills me with nostalgia. I find myself linking everything to memories of school.

Just the other day, while going through my 7th-grade backpack, I found my books, my lunchbox, and some money for my first ‘Harish Frankie’. That’s right, I’ve never had one! This will remain my biggest regret. I found a stain on my lunchbox and realised that it was acrylic paint, that I had used to portray scenery for the soft board in the corridor. Although I disliked this task, I now wish I had volunteered to do so more often. Looking at my old books, I began to miss packing my bag every day and lugging it up the stairs to my classroom.

While watching the rain, I recollect the experience of wearing socks, soaked all the way through and having to change them at school. I miss the cries of delight on the school bus when we had to turn around halfway due to heavy rain. I miss hanging my raincoat on the window grill and looking out to see if the field was dry enough to play during the break. Chatting with my friends in the Andrews Hall, protesting noisily each time P.T. had been cancelled, eagerly awaiting Sports Day and the Annual Concert and finally, running after the school bus, having woken up late. I sorely miss every bit of it.

COVID-19 took away more than I had initially fathomed. It took away Bombay Scottish School, which I consider a different world in itself. I now eagerly anticipate the day I revisit Scottish and once again complain about having to wake up early every morning.

Here’s to hoping that day isn’t too far off!

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