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Rebel with a purpose


Thank you for leaving me alone and making me feel helpless; it left me with the ability to solve my own problems .

Thank you for not having a kind word for me ; I understand the value of true compliments and false praise. It taught me to work without expectations .

Thank you for the incessant critiquing and goal setting; I realise the importance of dynamism .

Comparing me with others has made me aware of the myriad talented people that the world is endowed with .I have been left speechless by its uniqueness and feel amazingly miniscule. It helps me place my feet firmly on the ground.

Drawing boundaries between myself and others led me to shoulder my own troubles .I no longer expect someone else to feel bogged down by my weight.

It sounds harsh but when the world has nothing but harsh words for you what else can you learn. The voice of truth is ugly and stark and damages our sense of reality.

It leaves us scathed and reeling ; our precious stereotypes are broken .

I am just expected to fall in line and walk up the steps that have been ladders for several others.

What you sow is what you shall reap and hence when nothing but hatred was showered on me for my divergence ,what else can I give back to this myopic world.

The reigns of commonality and similarity tried to hold me back and when I attempted to break free, I was blessed with nothing but numerous curses.

The power of dissent has by far been the strongest one .However it has been easy bait to insecurity and oppression and has most often remained confined to the four walls of the mind.

My thoughts and words requested for heeding ,but all it received was the malice and the dung thrown at me every day.

But yet ,I stand without regrets ; thank you for being the fuel to the fire within me ,after all it's the journey that matters not the end.

- A note from the heart of every rebel. . . with a purpose . . . .

- Sivaranjani ( Andromeda )

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