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Rain- The Real Pain

I understand that after writing this article, I will be faced with great opposition and even hate from some. But today I’ve decided to go against the majority and express my opinion on what others call a “beautiful phenomenon”- rain. Living in the city of Mumbai, every second person is eagerly waiting for the monsoons to arrive. Mumbai rains are supposed to be an experience of a lifetime or maybe even the end of one! Now, if my sarcasm and pretty obvious title hasn’t already given it away- I hate the rains, a lot. And here’s why.

Granted, the rains bring us the ever so precious water needed for drinking, washing, bathing, rain water harvesting, hydroelectricity and all the other things we’ve been learning since 2nd grade but what it also seems to bring along with it, that too in great amounts, is an inconvenience. The fact that we can’t even step out of the house without the fear of being drenched in droplets of polluted water is inconvenient enough. Therefore, you end up adding an extra few grams to your already heavy school bag carrying your raincoat or umbrella along.

Now, being a high school student is hard enough with the constant doubts of “what am I going to do in life?” “Which college should I go to?” “should I take a gap year?”. However, the rains decide to bring along with it another question for us, “do I protect myself from getting wet or my bag?” There you are, trying to make a decision and telling yourself, “My books are obviously more important. I mean, who cares about my newly washed hair, right? And I’m sure mum won’t mind standing with a hair dryer for two hours, drying my uniform.” And as you step out, completely unprotected from the rain, you can feel those perfect curls on your head turning into the much-dreaded frizz. But, you keep walking, convincing yourself that it’s okay.

You get into your bus with loud, obnoxious children and their wet raincoats which they’re unwilling to take off and try finding one seat which isn’t already wet, but eventually, you give up and sit wherever you find a place. The over excited children get more annoying by the moment and so does the traffic. You look out of the window in the hope of seeing something scenic and instead find yourself staring at flooded roads with sewage floating on the top to embellish the brown, muddy water. And just as you get off the bus, a motorist will splash you with puddle water and leave you a soaking wet mess on the side of the road.

At this point, you are pretty much done but decided to give one last chance to the monsoons. So, like every other film, you put hands up, shut your eyes and embrace the rain. All you get in return is some dirty tasting water droplets in your mouth and the voice of your mother screaming, “What are you doing?! Sardee ho jayegi!”

P.S. Please refrain from posting Snapchat stories saying “FIRST RAINS <3” The harsh reality is painful enough. Thanks.

– Zara Humranwala

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