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I am the booming voice in your head

Talking of conquests which with conviction I’ve led

I am great, mighty and always victorious

I am the one who leaves your peers jealous and furious

I own the best and I simply am the best

I say, live life, don’t care about the rest

I am your friend, you should know that by now

I keep you invested in yourself somehow

Listen to me, I am your source of confidence

Trust me when I say you are better than all your friends

You are wise, strong and immensely powerful

A leader for sure, and truly wonderful

You are real and perfection personified

Your personality is amazing, it cannot be simplified

Who can ever really question you?

You’re just as great as I am too

As for me, I’m someone with whom you can always confide

Don’t worry my friend, it’s your old pal Pride.

– Rebecca Koshy

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