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Paint the World

John Ruskin once said,”The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most”. Some of these minds decided to add a little colour to the monotonous walls of Mumbai. Wall painting has become a medium for people of all ages to express their opinions, grievances, frustrations, aspirations, dreams and ideals through art. Tarnished walls serve as a blank canvas for those who have something to say, and believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. Each wall painting tells a unique story that enraptured the beholder. Scottishites participated in the movement to make Mumbai a more colourful place by volunteering for the ‘Swatchh Harit Shivaji Park Abhiyan’. Many Scottish students and teachers along with other people of the locality arrived at Shivaji Park on the morning of May 2nd, eager to spread the message of cleanliness and display their creativity. They worked fervently through the morning. The activity thereafter gathered momentum and continued to go on for several weekends after this, till all the walls were covered with paintings, each one with a story to tell. More and more people showed up and the campaign was a success.

–Jieya Rawal (11C)

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