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Paint the Sky

The sands of time, Are in continuous change, Embedded with different shapes. Each of them telling myriad stories, Etched in our memories forever, Both small and big tales of our lives. However while creating such experiences, We often forget the little details, Focusing on the bigger picture. We forget to paint, The tiny splashes of colour, Trying instead to capture the whole spectrum. And hence in the process, Leave out little gems of happiness, And remain with the big,ugly,  haphazard ones. Our lives turn into old pictures, Faded and grey, like from albums, Unlike what we imagine and wish them to be. We then look for sprigs of colour, To add to our black and white sketches, Forgetting that the memories created will never change. If only we saw, The little bright sparks in time, Could we build a blazing fire of life.

- Sivaranjani (Andromeda)


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