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Nritya: Inter-house Dance Competition

The day started unusually early, with multitudes of production members rushing through the gates of school. All carrying their obnoxiously large and cumbersome yet incredibly beautiful backdrops. It had all lead to this moment, probably the most anticipated event of the year, our school’s annual dance competition, Nritya. An early head start to this day, although unusual, was definitely necessary. To win the much desired 100 points, the houses had to compete neck to neck against each other. This year, the topics assigned to the houses were the four elements. Red house with the element, air, spun an intricate tale which personified the feelings of love, anger, rage and loss that consumes a person. With the element ‘earth,’ green house depicted a story, and with the help of a song-like poetry they managed to keep the audience enchanted with their dance. The runner-up house, the blue house with the element water, through a passionate dance, awed the audience and the judges alike showcasing the wrath of Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas and water. The winning house, the yellow house, were to depict their performance on the basis of the element, fire. They told a story of not only the usefulness of fire but also of its destruction through the dance form, ‘Tandav.’ What better way to showcase the beauty and rage of fire? But these were not the only performances that we witnessed, budding singers and instrumentalist took up the stage and did not fail to keep the audience entertained, and tapping away in happiness. The judges were all praise for the performances, and the efforts of our senior section. Mrs. Thomas, the senior coordinator even went out of her way to say that this was the best Nritya so far. Making all the performers proud and content, despite the fact they lost or won.

–Yohann Mathew 11B

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