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Must Have Apps

Better Mental Health Apps: Pacifica: This app teaches you how to improve your mood and mental health.

Peak: This app helps in enhancing brain activity and development.

Breathe and Relax: It provides detailed information on effects of stress and instructions and practices excising to help users learn the stress management.

Calm: This app helps you relax and free your mind after a stressful day or long  hours of reviewing for exams.

Sleep Cycle: This app analyses your sleep and wakes you up when you will feel most rested.

Academic Based Apps Mathway: This app fixes math problems, graphs and more complex operations.

Mind vector: It helps you create mind maps , flow charts for you to easily understand concepts and branches for your tangled thoughts

Quizlet: This app is perfect for people who use flashcards. This app has fun way for definitions, formulas etc.

Magoosh Vocab Builder: This app is for English and Vocabulary. It uses things such as word of the day and is a fun way to learn new vocabulary.

Refme: This is a referencing app. It is mainly for bibliography for projects.It saves a lot of time, instead of going back for citations.

Student Agenda: This app is a calendar with reminders. It is easy to use and very colourful to look at. For better Focusing Forest: This app is for all you’ll ‘I can’t get off my phone keepers’ Forest helps you stay off your phone when you need to focus.

Be Focused: This app tracks your study time to avoid procrastination and makes sure you are using your time wisely. It sets goals for productivity.

Random Instapaper: It helps you read online articles offline

Hopper: This app is for our frequent travellers. It tells you exactly when to buy flights at their cheapest.

Good and Co: This app lets you take fun quizzes,matches you with companies based on culture fit as personal strengths

Polar Steps: This is a cool app for all the travellers and bloggers there! It tracks your route when you travel and creates a digital journal that you can order as a photo album at the end of your trip.

Google Opinion Rewards: This app is for all Android users. By doing simple surveys you can earn points what can pay for paid apps on the play store.

Habitbull: This app tracks your habits. It allows you to make small actions leading to long term goals. It uses graphs and gives you detailed analysis

Dropbox: This app comes really handy when you need an important document offline. It  could be installed on a computer or laptop for easy access.

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