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When you think you know something well, but you really don’t… When life throws stones in your path, and you kick them off carelessly… When you think hatred of love, and terminate goodness… Those are the times, these tiny circumstances awaken your soul, And illustrate in a magnificent manner, What miracles are..!

Being amazing as they are, They make you die, and still be alive, They make you care for your worst enemy, They are those that make the shreds of your broken heart magnetically rebuild, with thicker, stronger walls, that protect your heart from the rest of the world.

They are the charm… Charm that you find everyday, all around you. Charm that you possess, deep in your guarded heart. The charm that always remains, Through your existence.

In your essence, you carry these miraculous memories. The kind of memories that keep that little fire of hope, in the worst of conditions. The kind of memories that stay forever… …only to remind you, that miracles happen, Every minute, every second of our lives. All we need to do is believe; open our soul to a whole different world… A world where your very existence is a miracle. A world where life is the song, and you are the tune, but you take forever to realize, there are no lyrics…

-Raksha Saraf

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