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Lucid Nightmares

"The arms of clocks and watches appear distorted and blurred in lucid dreams," said Rob, "so you know that it isn't reality. Remember that." Will nodded. "Yeah, but the Romans and Greeks believed in premonition, that dreams predict events," said Dustin, mockingly, which was received poorly by his friends. Rob and Dustin were Will's classmates, and longtime best friends.

Will had been having recurring nightmares for weeks that seemed far too real - lucid nightmares - of being attacked and bitten by a vicious cannibal while being unable to move at all. He recounted the dreams in vivid, perfect detail: the cannibal had a crew cut, brown hair, blue eyes, a black suit and tie, and an inhuman set of teeth - one hundred sharp, long yellow teeth that were placed in 3 rows, and they were crowded in a way that somehow made them look even more gnarly than Will would have liked to admit.

That night, Will slept with his hands clutching his blanket very tightly, as the moon shone brightly through the window of his bedroom. At around 3 a.m, Will's brain had entered REM sleep, which is when lucid dreams occur. The nightmare began as usual, with the cannibal walking in and jumping onto the bed. He held Will down, and then sunk his demonic teeth into his throat. 

The pain felt far too real, as did the blood dripping down his throat, and the breath of the cannibal. Will tried to glance at the clock that hung above his doorway, his heart beating a mile a minute. He whispered to himself, repeatedly, "It's not real, Will."

The clock showed the time as precisely 3:05 a.m with brutally perfect clarity.

- Mathew Alex


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