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Lady Whistledown's Society Papers: Extraordinary People, Extraordinary News


Dearest gentle reader, as Bombay Scottish School Mahim continued to host its elite events throughout August, the month's concluding crescendo arrived with the resounding 8th edition of 'Brainstorm-Aspire to Inspire'. This remarkable event was the result of the collaborative efforts of its passionate Presidents, Rayan Khatib and Apurva Singh, in consultation with one of Scottish's most vivacious and dynamic educators, Ms. Nanda.

Brainstorm's essence, as elucidated by our Presidents, revolves around 'the unpredictable journey of ordinary people navigating extraordinary circumstances!' The event serves as a platform for all those who possess the fervor, the spark to pursue their dreams and eventually emerge as trailblazers in their respective fields, allowing them to come together and impart their insights, values, experiences, and messages to a young and aspiring audience.


The journey to the successful execution of Brainstorm was not without its share of trials. The Presidents encountered various challenges, from the arduous task of selecting speakers from a pool of talented candidates to orchestrating a hybrid event that welcomed high-profile speakers virtually, engaging a vast audience. Nonetheless, adhering to our school's motto, "Perseverance and Faith in God," no obstacle could thwart the path to Brainstorm's triumph. The relentless efforts of the organizing committee, coupled with the unwavering dedication of the teachers, resulted in a meticulously crafted, captivating celebration of diverse talents on D-Day.

Our Presidents firmly believe that the spirit of Brainstorm has persevered over the years, thanks to an exceptional lineup of speakers.


The Brainstorm organizing committee resembled a blend of the beloved sitcoms 'FRIENDS' and 'The Office.' It comprised a dedicated, jovial, hardworking, and comical team of students who labored tirelessly to create this magnificent event. In the process, they forged unbreakable friendships and bonds. While President Rayan envisions the theme song of Brainstorm as "Let It Happen" by Tame Impala, President Apurva associates it with "Gonna Fly Now," the official theme song of the Rocky franchise. Both Presidents believe these songs aptly capture the journey of the organizing committee through its ups and downs in bringing Brainstorm to life. They ardently look forward to being invited to future editions of Brainstorm, a testament to their hard work, persistence, and anticipated success in their chosen career paths.

If given the splendid opportunity to bring fictional characters into Brainstorm, Apurva and Rayan wish to have figures like Batman, Mr. Miyagi, Yoda, and Charles Foster Kane participate, sharing their sagacity and experiences with the audience.


The entire Brainstorm team reveled in the process of scaling and organizing this event, sharing their fair share of laughter along the way. The organizing committee's favorite inside joke, 'Billy bee,' became a source of shared amusement as they teased and jestingly poked fun at each other. The Presidents firmly believe that Brainstorm achieved monumental success, contingent upon the audience's engagement and their ability to glean wisdom from the diverse speakers who navigated and triumphed over extraordinary challenges. The event's ultimate goal is to inspire the audience to incorporate these life experiences into their own journeys.

However, as with any rose, thorns existed. The committee faced nail-biting moments, from securing speaker confirmations to last-minute cancellations that sent them on an emotional rollercoaster. Nevertheless, all loose ends were tied on the final day, culminating in a resounding success.

As the Presidents bid adieu to this splendid event, they leave us with sage advice. Apurva emphasizes the importance of 'planning in advance,' given the juggling act between academics and event management. Rayan stresses the need to reach out to speakers well in advance to mitigate uncertainty and unpredictability.

In sum, Brainstorm's 8th edition proved to be a resounding success, with speakers from multifarious backgrounds captivating a large and enthusiastic audience.

This Author can only watch with ample anticipation, wondering what marvels the next editions will have in store. For those favoured enough to attend, at least.

Gentle reader, you thought I was silenced, but you thought wrong. And if there is one thing you should know by now, it is that this author cannot keep quiet for long. If anyone shall reveal the circumstances of Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, it is I.

You do not know me, and rest assured, you never shall.


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