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India's T20 Triumph: A Series of the Ages

By Stuti Sisodia

It's believed that the only religion that transcends above all in India is cricket and the eve of 29th June, 2024 is the living testimony of the same. The beginning of the night was characterised by bitten nails, anxious pacing, crossed fingers & eyes which were glued to screens ( big or small) in anticipation. We knew this match was one for the books when we witnessed the redemption of Virat Kohli unfolding who delivered on the day it mattered the most ; despite his previous failures, rightfully bagging the player of the match award.

After somewhat of a rough start, India managed to put the just at par score of 176 on the boards. It was not ideal but it wasn't enough to dampen spirits either. The South Africans started the second innings with a bang but after a couple wickets down it seemed like the ball was finally in our court.(or on our pitch in this case) That was until Heinrich Klaasen came on strike and played a stunning innings of 52 runs off 27 balls causing millions of Indians to perspire with worry around the globe. 30 runs in 30 balls? It seemed as if we were about to relive the not so fateful day of 19th November 2023. All was not lost however for Hardik Pandya was on our side and he was determined to make it count. With his presence of mind he was able to eliminate both Klaasen and Miller who otherwise would have proven to be the very reasons that prevented India from attaining glory. His bowling which was truly a force to be reckoned with, paired with Surya Kumar Yadav's spectacular catch was the icing on the cake. (and the ball and the bat)

India emerged victorious and lifted the cup after 11 years! The drought was finally over and nearly 143 crore Indians slept soundly that night, that is if they were not already out celebrating on the streets with drums, fireworks and chants ; the Classic Desi Style. Their victory was so much more than just a game, it was ode to life itself. A reminder that your failures do not define you & that the comeback is always greater than the setback, as long as you give it your all.

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