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India Today

By Sukrit Khanna, 10B

Four Thousand Years of Mankind Prevails,

On this very land of gold.

The Guptas, the Mauryas, the Mughals, and more,

And to us, their tales are told.

The men of the past, they did ask,

"What is the state of India Today?"

India Today - it reminds me of,

Polymorphism in every way.

A news channel, it may seem,

A press to tell us what comes our way.

Or it may seem, a bittersweet question,

"What is the state of India Today?"

In the present, news may not be news,

What we see or what we read.

Is it real, or is it fake?

Who knows what's behind the scenes?

"Who cares?" says the man on the highway,

"But tell me - what's new on India Today?"

The country - what's going on in the country?

Capitalism - in its strangest form?

A day of the common farmer there,

Exploited by those in power.

Then, would it be a pleasant question,

What is the state of India Today?

A king in the past, ruling his land,

The utmost authority of the state in his hand.

Threatened by others, to steal his crown,

Day and night would have been one instead.

Yet he asked, and helped, and asked,

"What is the state of India Today?"

A bleak and dull night, a century from now,

The people may be as lazy as sloths.

Wrath, Anger, Depression, and Solitude,

What would be in their minds and thoughts?

I foresee it'll happen, yes,

If we don't find an answer to - "What is the state of India Today?"

Thus I repeat and thus I ask,

To everyone in this golden land.

Vote for those who, in their hearts,

Have no sin, nor guilty hands.

This question should scream yet help us all,

"What is the state of India Today?"


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