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I’d Rather Be Alone

There was a time when you were constantly on my mind

But now you only seem to visit me on my lonely nights.

Everything leads me back to you at one am.

And for a moment I let a smile slip through my lips

Because for a moment

Just for a moment

My brain forgets that you no longer care.

I remember when it was promises of a forever

But you were desti

ned to be my happy never after.

Maybe I’m better off without you.

Maybe it’s good that I don’t care.

But nights like these get to me

Because I really wish you were here.

It’s hard to say “I’m over you” when you’re all that I need

But maybe it’s just my loneliness that needs you near.

I wish I could call you up once more

Just to wish you all the best

And tell you all the things I should’ve when I still had the chance.

But it’s been four months and I should probably let go

It’s all for the best

I’d rather be alone.

–Neha Mistry 12 C

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