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I Ask

Life’s at it’s ironic best for me,and my kind I think.

I haven’t asked for a lot of things and yet have got them.

I didn’t ask to be born in a world that writes things like this with such grit and passion,but fails to do what it says, in reality,repeatedly

I didn’t ask if I could bleed every month for the better part of my life and be fine with it,didn’t ask for the excruciating pain that came ualongside it.

I didn’t ask to have the body I grew into,and the reactions it elicited every time something traced its form

I didn’t ask to be called a slut,a whore,fat,characterless every time I let my clothes hug my body

I didn’t ask you to call me a behenji if I decided to cover the expanse of my body

I didn’t ask anyone to look at something they didn’t like

I didn’t ask to be stared at,I definitely didn’t ask anyone if they thought I’d “asked for it”

I didn’t ask anyone to weigh the pros and cons of having a career or a home as a woman,and brand me on my choice

I never asked you to be interested in me, my life,likes,needs,thoughts,behaviour,actions,words,body..and have an opinion on it.

You see I didn’t ask for any of this,but I got them anyway.

I did ask for respect though,just the tad bit you’d give another human

I asked you to not underestimate me

I asked you not to just reduce me to the fact that I have what makes me a woman

I asked you to leave me alone and let me live my life my own way,just the way you live yours.

I asked you to ask me and wait for my answer before anything else.

I ask you,if there ever will be a time when I can do whatever I wish to,without having to ask you.

Ananya Nayar


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