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I am a Woman

How ironic is my land of domicile ? It claims to set me free And tries to tame my spirit that is wild.

Living In a land where female attributes Given to a stone are worshipped by all, But when a female passes, She gets cat called.

When I look at the stars, They tell me that I am aiming too far. They dissuade me by saying that I can’t drive a car.

They taught me to be spotless, But, didnt teach me how to embrace my scars. I love the irony this world displays. Though everything is moving at a very fast pace, I am still left behind in this race.

My destiny now I can’t gauge, I try to fight for my rights But, they call it an outrage.

My waist is measured, And my soul trapped. My body is caged, In tight skinny jeans I must be wrapped.

They glorify the males, And tell me I am replaceable. What they dont realize is that, I am unbeatable.

I will break through the glass and shine. My powers are not human, They are divine.

They introduced the concept of liberation for humans, But, they tell me I can’t do it all Because I am a woman. -Stuti Mehta 12A

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