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Good Old Days

It’s a testament that we’ve been brought here by Fate. This place taught me to love all, no hate. The years I’ve spent here seem like a fabled story. This institution is the reason I’ll be guided to the glory. And as the sun of our lives set, My heart is filled with Joy and no regrets. I’ll miss the back benchers and the teacher’s pet, Because school life is something I’d never forget. Choosing this place, is one decision I will not lament. Expectations are up, Heartbeat is roaring The end is near and the emotions are soaring I’ve lived the best years of my life here.

Its end is the only thing I fear, But I hope we all succeed in the new quest of life, my friends. Pull your socks up, buckle your belts. Let’s begin again. So we are bound to face new challenges everyday. When the things won’t go your way, Just keep your head up, Because only through the rocky roads you reach the red carpet Keep your head in the game and don’t give up. Even if the days and time seem quite rough, Even when people around you act all tough, Keep that flame of hunger burning because It’s never enough. And we remember the school life as one big melting pot, Even if you are not the best of the lot. Set your soul free and put in some  thoughts over, because only Phases end.

                         –  Anonymous



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