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From Textbooks to Tulips: Our journey as Exchange Students in the Netherlands.

Our school’s student exchange program with Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest in the Netherlands was an unforgettable experience that deeply enriched our lives.

Hosting the Dutch students for a week allowed us to share our culture and traditions, while staying with their families in Leiden, gave us a profound insight into their daily lives. The bonds we formed were incredibly strong, and we now consider them our second family.

Throughout our time together, our group became extremely tight-knit. We shared countless indelible experiences, from visiting the Mauritshuis and admiring the art, to exploring the vibrant streets of Amsterdam and the charming city center of Leiden. Our adventure continued with a stay at a cozy hostel, a trip to the beautiful water dunes, and an excursion to The Hague.

While relishing Dutch snacks like Stroop Waffles, Kruidnoten, Apple Pie and different varieties of bread, we got a glimpse of the specialities of their cuisine and lifestyle habits.

One of the highlights was a serene boat ride through the Dutch countryside, where we marveled at the picturesque landscapes. This exchange was more than just a series of activities; it was about building lasting friendships and creating a second home, in another part of the world.

The connections we made and the experiences we shared will stay with us forever, making this program a truly invaluable part of our lives.

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