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Football Update 1

If football could be obsessed over by thousands of students at Scottish, then it really must be something special. And the passion has really come along well. On the 24th of July MSSA awarded the Scottish football teams both girls and boys the Trophy for Best Performance. On 17th July our boys team played our Ex students, and guess what the Ex students haven’t lost their skill. Our present team lost both the matches 3-0 & 1-0, but who cares right? We still get the credit. At Subroto, a DSO organized football tournament the U-17 girls and boys played challenging matches and came 2nd and 3rd respectively. Up coming Anglo’s football tournaments and MSSA tournaments are greatly anticipated and we hope to bag some more Cups and golds.

-Udyaaksh Khera 11B As told to Saaranga Shetty


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