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The small, little things are the beauty in life

The delicate in-between is what we crave

The peaceful sanity that follows summer

That leads to the cold and white-filled days

Walk down the avenue, with music in my mind

Lyrics reflecting life in the deepest ways

And just like the leaves fall down to the ground

It shows us, happiness is not something forever

and always

The hues of smile and beauty

Turn ugly and brown and say goodbye

The transition is a one that shouts in despair,

“don’t be too attached, all time does is fly”

To some it may be seen as a glorious change

Divinity in the epitome of nature itself

Some perception overlooks it all and brands it

“The calamity of the end and end”

But what I see, is nothing less than beauty

Taking its course as it begins Nothing remains the same, in time it all fades into view It gives us a glimpse of the world’s unknown sins Happiness being eternal is a myth Light is always followed by the dark All these leaves taught me what life is It’s a journey we’ve already embarked.



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