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Eccedentesiast Divine.

Still blocked but it’s to prevent heart lock;

For I must find my breathing shrine under the tyranny of the clock.

You know not, why I am trying not to be friends;

Thinking I am starting malicious trends.

Dive deep down in me and you will find-

A heart strained and pulled to a grind;

Obscured by falsities, like an eccedentesiast-divine.

A gargantuan sorrow had pulled me to its maw;

I kicked and swam forward-helped by limited paws-

Paws of those whose philanthropy is sans bound.

Find me a melody in the musty air,

And I will find you bravery in a place you won’t dare.

Get me a pint of the poison shiva drank,

I shall convert it into your nightmare since the world again went clank.

Get me an immoral living by a culvert,

Guide him, shall I-

To the purple vestments, sanctified by The Almighty in the clergy’s eye.

Throw what you may directed at me;

I shall face it, head on, for I am now, of you, free.

-Avnish Sengupta


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